Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sharepoint 2010: Stop Re-direction to Mysite person.aspx page

Scenario: On a multi-auth enabled SAML webapp, If you click under welcome sign-in control "About Me" it will re-direct user to My-Site person.aspx page. Its all good as long as, that logged in user has a mysite. But, in scenario were the users doesn't have a mysite created, It will prompt for user credentials, which might be annoying. But this is OOB SharePoint behavior.How can you stop this re-direction?

Solution: Actually, as soon as a user profile gets created for that logged in user, it will start re-directing user to person.aspx page. But, instead clients want to get re-directed to "userdisp.aspx" page.

Well,This can be done by deleting the user profile so that it will always gets re-directed to "userdisp.aspx". But, the profile gets re-created again. And in a scenario were there are thousands of user this solution is not viable.

Actually, behind the scenes, there is a OOB user control called "MySiteRedirection.ascx" that is tied to a delegate control "DelctlProfileRedirection" on userdisp.aspx page that does this re-direction. That control is tied to this userdip.aspx page via OOB feature named "MySite".

So the custom solution to stop the mysite re-direction will be to create your own custom user control, with no code (just empty default usercontrol) and place it under "_controltemplates" . Then create a feature.xml and elements.xml file to load your custom user control inside the "ProfileRedirection" delegate control, with a sequence number less than "100". If the sequence number is not set to less than 100, your custom control will not be loaded.

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